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Success Stories

“I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Ray on both a professional and personal level.  In both situations, his professionalism, enthusiasm, and experience shined! Hi ability to capture, interpret, and turn arguments into winning cases is uncanny.  If you desire winning results, I recommend his services without hesitation.”
—EM, January 6, 2013

“Mr. Ray has been a literal life-saver for me.  I had both chronic IRS and state tax difficulties and the stress had actually become debilitating to my health. Mr. Ray has handled all these matters quickly, thoroughly, and reassuringly and has been quite understanding.  Because of him, I have my life back.  He is definitely the go-to man in dealing with the Feds or state.”
—Barbara M., February 11, 2013

“Attorney Ray strategically handled a nightmarish situation for our business with the IRS. He gave us a peace of mind and we will always be grateful to him.
J., March 26,2013

“Mr. Charles A. Ray is the one to have as your Tax Attorney if you are looking for someone to remove the stress and sleepless nights when it comes to dealing with the IRS.  I appreciate the way he explains in detail what is going to take place once our case is presented to the IRS and the way he answered our questions.
Mr. Charles A. Ray holds the highest standard of ethical values and has a kind heart when it comes to making sure his client is satisfied.
If I should need more tax assistance, I definitely will be coming back to Mr. Charles A. Ray, Tax Attorney.”
—J&M P., March 1, 2013

“Attorney Charles Ray has been a huge help to me and my husband. Attorney Ray’s negotiation skills with the Comptroller of Maryland as well as with the Internal Revenue Service was such a relief and we saw hope again. Attorney Ray has been a tremendous help through everything. We always felt our case was in good hands.  Attorney Ray did this in a timely manner as well as being up close and personal with us as clients. We would recommend Attorney Charles Ray and commend him for his services to us. I will also recommend Attorney Ray to anyone that needs assistance as we did. Thank you Mr. Ray.”
—Ida & Eric S., January 23, 2013

“I have worked with Attorney Charles Ray for 15 years.  Attorney Ray has always been good about what was needed for his clients.”
—S. Foster – President & Founder of a nonprofit corporation, April 22, 2013

“This letter is a testament to the services that I received from Attorney Charles Ray.  I had exhausted all the administrative processes and a day in court for the tax problems that I had.  It was deemed that I would have to pay the full amount owed plus penalties. Someone referred me to Mr. Ray.  I felt that it would be a waste of time. They insisted and I had a consultation with him.  in the final resolution, he had my debt reduced more than fifty percent.  Obviously, he was very effective.  I was very pleased.”
—M.T., February, 28, 2013

“Mr. Ray and his law firm were there for me during one of the most difficult times in my life. Thanks to Mr. Ray’s and his staff’s assistance and diligent efforts, my Innocent Spouse Relief application was finally granted by the IRS.  This enables me and my children to continue on with my life.  I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you Mr. Ray and everyone at Charles Ray law firm.”
—IK, January 16, 2013

“After being unemployed and underemployed for several years, I sustained numerous federal and state tax difficulties. When I approached Mr. Ray for help after being referred to him by another of his professional colleagues, he assessed my situation and immediately assumed me as one of his clients that resulted in an invaluable solution for me.  His diligent and effective efforts on behalf of his clientele are repeatedly demonstrated by his excellent legal skills and irrepressible dynamic energy for helping others. I wish him continued success in his practice and have no reservations about recommending him highly.”
—Bowie, Maryland Resident, March 5, 2013

“I was very happy with Mr. Charles Ray’s services as a tax attorney.  During the entire process, I was very impressed with his rapport with the IRS.  I think that is essential in understanding and negotiating with such a large government agency.  He was able to get concessions and find loopholes that I don’t think even the most seasoned veteran tax attorney could uncover.”
—R.D., April 23, 2013

“Charles Ray converted my difficulties with the IRS into a no-problem solution. He helped me document the legitimate tax return that I had filed and successfully defended it in Tax Court against the incorrect complaints of the IRS. He stated his fee up front, lived by it, and handled all interactions with the IRS. I sincerely hope that I will never experience another problem with the IRS – but if I do, I will certainly turn to Charles for help.”
—Paul R., Washington, D.C.

“I received notice from my employer on Wednesday that IRS had garnished my wages. Payday was that Friday. My wife, who is an attorney, and I spoke with 5 other CPA’s and attorneys before we spoke with Charles Ray. After speaking with Charles, we selected him because he took the time to listen to us and told us exactly what he would try to do and how much it would cost. Mr. Ray delivered on everything he promised. He was able to get IRS to release the garnishment, and I received my full regular pay. Charles Ray did a fantastic job for me. I am very pleased. I have hired him again to help me settle all of my tax debts.”
Alexandria, Virginia resident

“IRS had issued levy against my bank account and a garnishment of my wages. I turned to Charles Ray for help. He was able to keep IRS from levying my bank account and garnishing my wages. He also worked out an installment payment arrangement for me that I can afford. I recommend Charles Ray for any problem with the IRS.”
Duane D., Kensington, MD

“After working for years on jobs that never seemed to withhold enough money to pay the taxes I owed at the end of the year, IRS informed me that I owed exorbitant taxes, penalties, and interest that I could not afford to pay. When the IRS started trying to collect what they said I owed, my life became a living hell. While sharing my problem with a person at the subway one day, she recommended a tax attorney by the name of Charles Ray. After a careful, detailed analysis of my case, Mr. Ray helped me settle my case for a fraction of the exorbitant amount IRS was asking for. Today, I consider the woman at the subway to be a friend of mine. I am so pleased with the work of Mr. Ray, I am going to recommend him to you. I believe that not only will you like what he does, but you are going to like me for telling you about him.”
J. Hallmon, Washington, D.C.

“My organization faced over $100,000 in 941 tax liabilities. The IRS was threatening to levy our corporate assets and personally assess our officers. I contacted Attorney Charles Ray. Through his skillful negotiations, IRS did not levy our assets or hold our officers personally liable for the taxes. Also, he got IRS to abate the penalties, and worked out a favorable payment plan to resolve the taxes owed. We were so pleased with Attorney Ray’s services that we hired him again to handle another tax matter for us.
J. White,  Maryland

“My company owed the IRS over $194,000 in 941 employment taxes, a good portion of which was assessed against me personally. I contacted Charles Ray for help. He was straightforward and realistic about what he thought he could do for me. The IRS rejected my first Offer In Compromise, but Charles Ray persisted. He got IRS to reconsider the Offer. Because of his tireless, hard work and commitment to helping me solve my tax problems, Charles was able to settle my $194,000 debt for $29,000. I am eternally grateful to Charles Ray. If you have a tax problem, Charles Ray is the person to contact.”
F. Gray, Washington, DC